Life Creatives Ministry is the praise and worship ministry of BOL(S) whose members are called to the mantle of Levitical and Davidic worship.



That BOL(S) is a place where God’s shekinah presence dwells in every individual’s life of praise & worship unto God.



a. To build a tangible atmosphere of worship in BOL (S) by leading the congregation to an understanding and experience of God’s shekinah presence. To this end, we will create a professional creative arts ministry team.
b. To imbue a life discipline of praise & worship in every individual through teaching, transformation of mind toward worship, dynamism, and as a cultural force.



Fear of the Lord; Discipline; Humility; Submission; Teachability


Life Creatives Connect is a once-a-month meet up for creative people who love worshipping, studying what the Word of God tells us about our levitical ministry and also a time to improve our craft. We are also a bunch of people who love and know how to have fun!